Petlossphobia — Escape or Embrace?

A friend messaged me the other day and she mentioned how she loves pets and don’t mind which type of pet to have, but she doesn’t have a pet, and not anytime soon either.


Actually her restraint arises over how unbearable it can be to let pets go, for example, when they die.

A pet lover who’s just lost his or her beloved pet will undoubtedly experience a deep sense of loss when their pets die, unlike anyone who hasn’t had the emotional connection with their pets, who will never know of this life experience.

To a pet lover, a pet is their companion friend and means much more than anyone can ever describe fully.

To anyone else, it’s just an animal, where they go on thinking that if that pet dies, just go get another one.

Of course they wouldn’t know just how individual a pet’s character is, and just as variable as your schoolmate or office colleague, a pet has its own unique set of characters and personalities that truly makes them one of a kind. That means there’s just no replacement for a loss of pet.

BUT is that a reason to not have pets? To avoid that emotional attachment? If there’s a word for it, I guess that it’s called Petlossphobia?

SO would you go through life, living devoid of emotional attachments, just for fear of losing it someday?

WHY would anyone wanna escape that?

A pet provides more than just mere ‘living toy’ but rather a companion to cherish and hold.

It makes you laugh, amuse, angry and annoyed but overall, it gives you unparalleled companionship, like a best friend that never smokes, drinks, or complaints.

It’s privileged indeed to be a part of their little lives, and Petlossphobia is all, but a minor dip in the currency of enriched life experiences.

Indeed, a loss of pet is hard to bear, but to go through your life without a pet friend is even harder to bear.

Embrace it.


One of the best reasons to have cats as pets — What wonderful friends they really are.

If ever there was a particular reason to take in a cat as your pet, then it’s non other than the loving and friendly creatures that they are.

Evidently, as I reached home, 1am on the clock’s hands and almost everyone else in my family is asleep and snoring away, and guess who greets me at the door, sleepy eyed and yawning?

Evidently, as I laid my bags on the ground, stuffed my wallets and accessories away in the cabinet, guess who brushed my legs, welcoming me home and still yawning?

My cats of course! And I am pretty sure that once you have a rapport with your feline friends, that they’ll simply cannot wait till you’re home and that even if they’re asleep, the moment that they sense you’re near (yes cats have 6th sense, and they simply seem to know who it is behind the door, wayy before that person comes near) they scamper to greet you.

And your parents are fast asleep, your siblings are all lost in their dreams, but lovingly, your cats are there for you. They’ll meow and brush your legs warmly. They’ll purr and meow and ask you how your day have been. They don’t jump at you, like how a dog would, but they’ll know how you’re tired from a day’s work and simply just want to greet you.

And never underestimate the power of greetings — even if it comes from a smaller, four legged friend of ours.

Because love is limitless and boundless, cats have them in abundance. It’s the currency that they live on. Better than a best friend, cats are one of the best creatures to keep as pet.

On the plus side, they don’t complaint ever too.

Cinta — My phat cat that is just lovely.

Cinta is the adorable pet cat of my Godma, of whom I’m the occasional accidental resident handsome, and adorabl young man — just like Cinta, a handsome, adorable young cat.

He may be big and fat, but he’s as gentle as anyone can be, a testament to his ferocity lies in the fact that he won’t even lift his paw against the roaches that scmaper across the floors.

I’m not sure if he’s made a secret cat pact with them roaches but that’s not just where his gentleness lies.

He’ll lie on his back, or on the side (as seen below) and just lazily stay there until someone comes near and tickles him.

He rarely disturbs or makes sudden cat movements towards the family, and always tends to himself, and only when he’s hungry does he meows incessantly, where a quick feed will quieten him down again.

Such a lovely, gentle, furry, clean, adorable, young cat, called Cinta.

And Cinta, means Love, in the Malay language.


Would You Declaw Your Cats?

A recent article from Straitstimes mentioned about the increasing popularity of declawing of cats.

A cat without its claws is like having a game of football or rugby and disallowing any players to be in contact with each other, to prevent any scarring or physical damages.

It is a stupid idea people, and one where if any cat owner intends to declaw the cat, then might as well get a stuffed toy cat or a plastic cat. Look on the brightside, you won’t even have to deal with cat litter or buy cat food anymore too. Pfft.

Taking away a cat’s claw is like taking away its basic joy — and cats truly enjoy scratching away, at almost anything it desires, and this is probably one of the reason that makes cats so adorable. That you can’t control them but learn to tolerate their antics and, at worst, have plastic or metal furnitures instead of wooden or clothed ones, it’s a pretty lovely headache to possess.

Take away the claws, and we can go on to say that it’s lost its soul as well.

Claws are a cat’s natural form of defences, and so what happens when its defences goes away? What would you have felt if your main weapon (and joy) is taken away from you? What would you do if it was removed from you?

Yeah, just what would you do?

Yack Gets Wet & Wild!

Yack gets a good wash-up by Sis on the eve of Hari Raya 2009. She didn’t like it, but could do nothing to prevent us from getting her under the warm waters and foams.

I think Sis did a good job on this little precious of mine, she looks extremely… wet and wild!

Doesn’t she look adorable.. and annoyed at the same time? She must be thinking, it’s unfair that Yee-Eee didn’t get forced to play with the waters like she did eh?

Well Yack, you know what, sometimes life’s just ain’t fair. ; )

At It Again!

She messed the flooring around her litter again today! When I got home, all I witness was this bunch of tissues that’s supposedly left by my brother to cover up the mess, and maybe limit the flow at the same time.

It’s only been 2 days since I’ve changed back to ‘Sweet Pea’, after I found out that Petz Essential at Upper Bukit Timah Road sells them in a package of 2 for $21.80! Usually it costs $15.90 each! I know, tremendous savings right? Had I been able to drove, I’ve by the truckloads of them but riding on my bike meant I could only afford to get 2 packs.

Anyway, I have no idea why Yack is doing this. From her gestures and postures, I think she’s a very happy cat. Yee-eee has never, not even once demonstrated this particular bad habit, but Yack has been ‘generous’ thus far.

I should be angry or agitated, like how my brother usually gets, but I tend to understand these things better. She’s just a cat, a mammal with limited intelligence and right now, as I’m typing this, she’s curled up into a ball between my hands, smelling my fingers as I type. Cuteness! Now how will I ever get angry at such a lovely creature of god?

Talking about lovely creatures of god, earlier at work, my colleagues managed to discover the tiny mouse that has long evaded our grasp. Somehow it climbed itself into the metallic bin and briefly we managed to trap it finally, but it escaped yet again after the colleague that was holding the trap tried shaking it around, which only allowed the little mouse a miniscule percentage chance of an escape. And it did.

Again, all I could think of was to try and trap the little mouse and then perhaps turn it into a pet — at the dismay of my gal colleagues who insisted on ridding the office of it. In moments like these, I wonder to myself as to how little sense of regard people can have towards small animals — I know I wouldn’t even think of hurting such helpless creatures. To think of killing them is simply blasphemous!

So the little mouse was at it again, terrorising the office but delighting me at every mention of its presence, while Yack continued messing the cleanest part of the room all over again. I wonder, perhaps I’ll get a chance to catch them the next time that they are at it again?

Relaxation Commences.

At ease!

At ease!

After the spring cleaning, comes the peace and tranquil serenity.

Ahhhhh, they look so at ease don’t they? But don’t Yack look like she’s got a hidden, mischievious agenda in mind while Yee-Eee looks dainty?

It has always been the case with the younger Yack. She’s always thinking of something to do or somewhere to run too, even if it’s within a confined space of a room — she’ll always manage to find a nook or a cranny to run into, and when she does, Yee-Eee will be the subject of her sneaky pounce! Then when that happens, all hell breaks lose as the two get into a little tangled-mashed-close-quarters kind of sparring thingy.

Unimaginable bounty of cuteness when it happens, and cuteness too even if they don’t spar but lay cuddled quietly, and though I’m sure you’ve heard the mantra a million other times before, I’ll repeat it again: Cats are too adorable, too lovable, ¬†aren’t they?